Concursion Now Up on Steam Greenlight!

Concursion is now up on Steam Greenlight!

Steam Greenlight is a system which uses crowd voting to determine which games get to sell on Steam.

And Steam is big.
And we’d like to join their big party.

If you’d like to see this game for sale on Steam, we really need your vote. Without votes… we are nothing.

Please vote here!!!

Let’s Play Concursion – But a Galaxy Rise

Act 4. Level 10. “But a Galaxy Rise”.
Watch Danny play (and sometimes flub) a fusion of platforming and shoot-em-up fun.
He’ll probably flub. Mock him if he flubs.

Deploying a Java App As a .EXE or .APP – Free!

The Why:

So, as is probably pretty clear, I’ve been in development on a video game, for PC and Mac, called Concursion.
I know, I know… people say that Java isn’t suited for games, but I’m stubborn, and like Java best, and you’re wrong, and so there.

Concursion Update – Cohesive Interdimensionality

Danny Garfield From Puuba demonstrates some ways in which the player can interact with the different gaming dimensions in Concursion, Puuba’s first game for PC and Mac.

Danger Elaborates On Difficulty

Daniel “Danger” Garfield from Puuba elaborates on the difficulty level of Concursion.

Concursion Press Release Day

Danny Garfield from Puuba talks about the attention we’re getting from our recent trailer and press release for our game Concursion (coming soon for PC and Mac). He’s a busy guy. I gotta chase him and get in the car if I want my interview.

The Gameplay Trailer is Out!

Concursion is officially a thing! And that thing’s first trailer is out!
Imagine a piñata filled with all your favorite games. That piñata… is Concursion.