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Chiptune Challenge Pack Two Released!

Chiptune Challenge Pack Two DLC for The Metronomicon!
Songs Featured:
DYA Feat. Rudy Escobar – Lazarus
Chronowolf – Challenge
Popskyy – ABXY

October 20, 2016

Indie Game Challenge Pack One Released!

Indie Game Challenge Pack – More DLC for The Metronomicon!
Songs Featured:
Aethernaut – Neo-SF Strut (2064: Read Only Memories)
Steve Goldshein – Whispering Willows Theme
Skyler McGlothlin – Credits (Retro/Grade)

October 13, 2016

Chiptune Challenge Pack One Released!

The first DLC Challenge Pack for The Metronomicon is here!
Songs Featured:
Marissa Hapeman – Pretty In Pixels
Craig Barnes – Do The Double Deux
DDRKirby (ISQ) – Flow Unlimited

October 6, 2016