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New Concursion Trailer!

Our game is far enough along that we were able to use real assets to put together a preview of real gameplay… See more on puuba.com/kickstarter


August 14, 2013

QC for Puuba!

Friends and Frenemies!

Do you feel like engaging in some science?
In the interest of making games and taking names, we would very much like to share a Framework Test with you!

If anyone wouldn’t mind a less than two minute test, here’s what I would love to do.
1) Shoot me an email at LinkOverThere.Click.
2) Get an email back, with a file link (safe, clean, small, mighty) to test.
3) Run that test, get a .txt file back, and send that mutha’ back.
4) Profit!!!

We appreciate already, and now and forever, the time that you will share.

For great justice!

Said profit may be emotional or in name only.

March 30, 2013