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After long last (on the developers’ parts, at least), it’s here!
Concursion’s first official public demo!

Jump, sprint, slash, pyew, poof, and jet across the borders between five disparate worlds of wholly original gameplay genre.

Featuring five full levels of Concursion’s rich ~seventy level game, this demo features just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.
Dig into assorted levels from our second, third, and fourth acts, and jump into the deep end for a chance to experience a rich sample of the dynamic, ridiculous, acrobatic gameplay you can come to expect.

Jump back and forth between different gameplay genres on the fly, sure.
But, what happens when the boundaries between those genres starts to move, shift and change? What happens when those boundaries actually get intelligent?

Can an entire bubble dimension chase you down???

Playing five games at once is fun.
But, the havoc on the borders is best of all…

Just download, unzip, and go. No install needed.

Questions? Comments? Love it? Love us?
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