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For The Weaponographist

GameSpot: ʺThe Weaponographist is a dumb, fun arcade romp due to its quick pace and interesting concepts governing weapon use and skills. This is one of those friendly games that just about anyone would enjoy picking up for short play sessions every now and again, especially those who like their dungeon crawlers tinged with a sense of humor and a retro flavor.ʺ

Popzara: ʺThe extensive range of weapons, spells and upgrades give the game longevity, and the art style and presentation make for an enjoyable experience.ʺ

Without The Sarcasm: ʺThe Weaponographist is silly and gory in equal measure. It’s well polished and a ton of fun to play.ʺ

Examiner: ʺThe Weaponographist” is a delightful, satisfying romp through the dungeons with an addictive gameplay loop that delivers an awesome experience overall. ʺ

ZAM: “Full of action, with a plethora of unique and amusing weapons, a wide variety of enemies and an interesting story.”

Guns and Pixels: “…a good heart and the potential of giving us tons of hours of fun. The action is non-stop, so we won’t have a chance to get bored in none of the many dungeon levels it has to offer. Run. Charge. Get killed. Repeat.ʺ

Mouse N Joypad: “…may look simple, but its design provides a fast-paced stream of non-stop action, where you’ll have to change your approach depending on what weapon you pick up.ʺ

Fireside: “A super challenging, fast paced dungeon crawler where the hero is not really a nice guy”

Gamer Attitude: “Deceptively deep and a lot of fun to play”

Games Fiends: “Get ready to master a lot of combat styles”

Gaming Trend: “Weapon durability is a controversial mechanic, but The Weaponographist has found an interesting method of turning that tired system into a compelling concept for a game.”

Gizorama: “There’s really a lot to like about The Weaponographist.”

Hardcore Gamer: “Elves with bows? Yep. Gangsters with machine guns? Them too. Psychos with chainsaws? Sure, why not?”

The Mental Attic: “You can bet your ass I’ll be streaming it soon”

My Games Lounge: “Highly Addictive”

RETRO: “There is a lot to take in here for a deceptively simple game.”

Rock, Paper, Shotgun: “Your weapons are garbage in The Weaponographist”

For Concursion

“9/10 – Inspirational Indie Game” – Gaming Ordinance

“It’s pretty f#@*ing awesome.” – The Crotchety Old Gamer

“A game which offers the player a variety of retro and challenging play styles” – DoubleUpGaming

“…a dream come true for a player that loves perfecting difficult and fast-paced games” – Gamecrastinate

“A premise so clever, so simple, that’s it’s a wonder it’s not been done before” – Eurogamer

“An intriguing, creative curiosity worth keeping an eye on” – USGamer

“A game that’s basically all of the games at once… I like the idea here” – Kotaku

“Brilliantly manages to blend disparate genres in such a way that they live alongside each other from second to second” – The Sixth Axis

“Believe me when I say that it’s brilliant” – J Station X

“The level design is fantastically clever” – Nerfed

“By switching game genres on the go, this 2D side-scroller has a ton of originality to offer” – Frontburnr

“One of the most insane, craziest games I’ve ever played and it’s tons of fun.” – Game Saga

“An exciting, persistently mind-boggling platformer.” – Digital Spy

“A brilliant concept” – Nerd Age