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Puuba At E3 2015
The Weaponographist At IndieCade

Puuba returns to E3 to show The Weaponographist at IndieCade, see the sights, and hang out with our pal David Logan (art producer for The Weaponographist).

June 18, 2015

Weaponographist Animated Short
How To Be A Demon-Hunter

“The Foundation to Buy Doug McGrave a Boat” has put together an animated cartoon for us!
Here is a little glimpse into a typical day in the life of a famous adventuring mercenary demony, dragony slayer type guy.

June 1, 2015

Free Content Patch Live!

Free DLC for The Weaponographist!

Today, 6/2/2015!
The Weaponographist sees its first free content patch. It’s like Christmas in… whatever month this is!

Survivalation introduces Survival Mode, an endless dungeon that increases in difficulty the farther you get (unlocked by defeating normal mode). The longer you spend, the more aggressive the curse becomes. So, go fast! Go fast to survive!!

As you make your way deeper into Survival Mode, you’ll find yourself earning Grimoire Pages for each room cleared. These pages can be used to unlock Jinxes – powerful magical effects that affect all modes of gameplay. Some curses help, some cursed hurt, and some are just plain weird. Mix and match them as you wish to create brand new ways to play!

This content patch is free, and should update automatically from your online retailer of choice.


June 1, 2015

Weaponographist Expeditious Inter Net Explorer Racing

The Weaponographist speed run tournament is underway!
Catch the live broadcasts daily at twitch.tv/puubadanny
Re-broadcasts will also be uploaded to youtube.com/puubagames
See the ladder here puuba.com/tourney

May 25, 2015

The Weaponographist – Player Reactions

During the launch of The Weaponographist, several Twitch and YouTube broadcasters discovered the game for the first time. Since the Internet is forever, those moments of wonder and WTF-ness are totes findable! We made a video featuring a few great reactions from…
Twitch: “IronChefBobbyFlail”, “DaniDestruction”, “UnicornHole”, “OverpowderedLOL”
YouTube: “Just Another Loser”, “KMo”, “AreYouGaming”

May 6, 2015

The Weaponographist Launch Trailer

The big day has come! The Weaponographist is out now for PC and Mac, on Steam and on the internets, wherever the internets inter-net.

April 29, 2015

The Weaponographist – Free Steam Demo!

With just one week to go before the official release of The Weaponographist, we’re offering a free demo on Steam featuring the first two Depths of the game! Try before you buy. Check us out today! Free Weaponographist Demo Link

April 20, 2015